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About us

An Ngoc Mai Hotel with modern architecture and amenities was built with the mission to bring happiness to you staying at the hotel. Located right at the arterial road leading to Ba Den Mountain Tourist Area, Suoi Cao A Hamlet, Phuoc Dong Commune, Go Dau District, Tay Ninh Province, the 5-storey hotel with 53 rooms, has 2 panoramic terrace views. the whole surrounding landscape. An Ngoc Mai Hotel becomes the new “roof” of Go Dau and brings peace of mind as well as optimal facilities for visitors to Tay Ninh.

An Ngoc Mai Hotel takes white as the main color, harmoniously combined with turquoise color of hope and longevity, purple color of loyalty, … giving you a relaxing and peaceful rest space. jar. The system of rooms is designed in harmony and sophistication, combined with meticulously and fully furnished furniture to create a complete vacation space for visitors.

Room service at An Ngoc Mai Hotel is very diverse to meet the actual needs of guests. Currently, An Ngoc Mai Hotel offers 4 main room types:

  • VIP room
  • VIP room
  • Single room
  • Double/family room

In addition, An Ngoc Mai Hotel has long-term room rental service (monthly/yearly) for guests with long-term stay needs and short-term room rental service (hourly). We are pleased to equip the most necessary facilities to meet your needs

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